Monday, October 30, 2006


Photo from Roy Pequeno.
When most people think of the word “weekend” most think of Saturday and Sunday. Days when a majority of people don’t have to work and they are able to use their “free time” for recreational activities, leisure, and chillaxin’.

However, there are those few that use their weekends to be productive. Such as: my Tío Teddy (who rode a mountain bike from Houston to Austin), Adam (who did the LIVEstrong Challenge 2006), and people who go out and run 5Ks, 10Ks or marathons. Recently I have been thinking that they may be on to something, and made it all the way to the sofa in order to think about what I should do.

Thus when the Pocuro house roped me into – by roped I mean, they asked me very politely and I said yes – confirming that I would do a “caminata" I politely accepted the invitation. This would be a great time to be "productive" by doing a small pilgramage that a Saint walked. Thus I dusted of my tennis shoes and got ready for a small walk. Friday night when I got to Pocuro is when I found out that the caminata is 27 KMs long and that the bus will be passing at 5:45 AM. (Did I mention I was ROPED into this?)

By the time we walked to the plaza and took our bus to the starting point of the caminata it was about 7:15 AM. Some of us were happy, while others “aren’t morning people.” Rumor had that the caminata de Santa Teresita de Los Andes in 2005 had about 100,000 participants, and people were saying that this year there were less people. I honestly thought there were at least 120 thousand by the never ending line of people.

In the end, after several breaks, a 40 minute lunch (in which I took a power nap), and a lot of walking – 27 KMs to be exact – we made it to the finishing point. It only took us a few hours.

At the santario, we celebrated a mass. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many youth who were excited to celebrate a mass. There were banners, Jesus flags, and Santa Teresita bandanas all being violently waved in the air. I would have to say that the craziest thing was singing the closing song – Tres Cosas Tiene El Amor. Everyone was singing the verses and then suddenly when the chorus came – the crowd went crazy. One second we were all singing – then the Holy Spirit must have descended upon us – because all of a sudden our church song turned into a mosh pit. Everyone was jumping, singing, and hugging each other. It was the coolest thing ever.

After a long day, I instantly crashed when I found my pillow . . . only to be woken up by the church bells next door. Now here it is a few days later and I am moving slower than usual cause I am sore. That’s what I get for wanting to be productive.

Lesson learned. Being lazy is being productive in my book. I will never doubt myself again.

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