Saturday, February 18, 2006


So I was only planning on being gone for a day or so on this little trip to Lota, what was I thinking? The night before we were gonna leave, I got asked if I wouldnt mind switching places with Victoria´s husband in the car because they couldnt get tickets back to Santiago and Christian had to work. Being the nice guy that I am, I said of course...figuring I would be back home Monday night.

Sunday- original day to go back home- My HCAers left and I stayed with the Capoiera Team. We went to the pool, another beach, and a really awesome park. At the pool we chilled. Then the team started throwing people into the water. I tried fighting off 5 team members and ended up losing - making an awesome splash as I hit the freezing water. The only thing that made me smile was that I took one of the team members down with me. Both at the beach and the park, I saw the team do thier presentations which lasted an hour tops. The beach presentation was alright. But once the team got done, there was like a farewell to summer beach party. So a few of us joined in on the games and dancing. Even Arturo and Lula (Renzo´s daughter) got into the mood and danced with each other. In the evening we (Carolina, Victoria, Arturo, Niko, and I) all went to spend the night at Govy´s house in Talcahuano.

Monday - Got to go see the port city Talcahuano. At the port I got to see Sea Lions or Lobo marinos just swimming around. In the evening Renzo and Mathis came to join the sleepover.

Tuesday - We went to go see a historical ship the HUASCAR. I was cool and interesting to see this ship that is part of the Chilean Naval Port. Govy´s dad was part of the Navy so we were able to get in quickly. Then in the evening the guys practiced some Capoiera and that was about it. I called my parents to tell them that they should not call me cause I was in a different city and completely forgot to wish them a Happy Valentine´s Day. Today is when I started wondering when I would get home.

Wednesday- We leave Talcahuano and I get back home.

My vacation was really fun and I had a blast. However, next time I would like to have more that two pair of clothes to wear for three days.

Beach Fun at Lota

So this past Friday, the Santiago House headed out. One of the families - the siblings are Christian,Victoria, a second Christian (Victoria´s husbandd) and Arturo, Renzo, and Carolina- in our community invited us to Lota (just north of Concepción) for the weekend. We - the four HCAers and the brother Christain - left around 11 Friday morning, and had a wonderful 7 hour car ride. During our adventure, we almost lost Caitlin´s sleeping bag. We put it on the rack on the car and just outside of Santiago we noticed it flapping in the wind. We quickly grabbed onto it until the car came to a complete stop. Then a few hours down the trip, a car honks at us to pull over. As we do so, we realize that the rack is not completely secure and almost fell completely off. The car ride was interesting to say the least.

In Lota we stayed with a close friend of the family. We got their and had ¨onces¨which is kinda like a dinner snack. Most families dont eat a really dinner, just something light to hold them over til breakfast. After this we went to the beach and just walked around in the evening. It was really nice to walk around the beach. It was fun. Once back at the house, we saw the Chilean Tennis Team play their round of the Davis Cup, and just chatted it up with everyone. After a few hours we all hit the sack and since the house was small and Tom, Christian and I slept on the floor in the living room. Tom actually slept under the kitchen table.

Saturday- We all just kinda chilled and relaxed. I went to a beach with Renzo and Carolina (who are a part of a Capoiera Group) and the rest of the team. It was AWESOME! The picture does it no justice. Then in the evening the team had a presentation and that we went to see. Renzo is doing the flip facing his sister Carolina. I thought that was cool. They both go in the circle at the same and ¨play.¨ I only wish my sister and I would have learned this at one point in time. wouldn'twouldnt that be a great way to settle a fightruement?

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