Thursday, June 29, 2006

Household Chores

Photo from Roy Pequeno.
This post is dedicated to my mom. Mainly cuase I think she will enjoy it. Not becuase I am actually updating my blog, but becuase on any given Saturday my mom usually wakes up before everyone else and starts cleaning house. So here is finally a post that I can relate to her.

Since being down here, my housemate and I had to figure out some type of way to break up the household chores. I mean it just wouldn't be fair if Meg had to clean the bathroom every week, while I had to clean the "library." So we have a list of rotating jobs. The jobs that rotate on a weekly basis are as follows: the kitchen, living room, library, community night and bathroom.

Every now and then, when one of us gets done with our chore early (we have a deadline to finish the weekly chore by Monday) we usually try doing other jobs that need to be done around the house. Last week, Tom very eagerly decided to defrost the freezer - I can only imagine what next week is going to bring us.

My new best friend

Photo from Roy Pequeno.
Let me just say that celebrating my birthday down here in Chile was a completely new experience. Not cause I didnt spend it with my family or friends from back home - which was sad - but mainly cause things are just different.

Usually in June, I would be wearing shorts, goofying off, enjoying the true Texas heat, all while sleeping in late and not really having any "real work" to do. However, things in Chile are a little different.

1. I am in the middle of WINTER. not summer.
2. I am still in school, not chillaxin' at home.
3. I am about to go on Winter Vacation for two weeks, not summer vacation for two months.

Anyway, as I got back home from the Saint George's College Confirmation Retreat, I walked into my house to find Sponge Bob. My housemates know two things about me:
1. I have a sweet-tooth, and
2. I am Mexican.
So they got me a piñata with a lot of candy inside. Basically they gave me the gift that keeps on giving.

My Stgo. roomies rock!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Toma: Revolución Divina

Photo from Roy Pequeno.
After about two weeks of hearing about the TOMA and the student riots, everyone has become aware of the situation. Most Chileans support the students - even prinicpals of schools.

This sign can be found on the Padre Pepe's, a Holy Cross preist and the principal of Saint George's College, office door.

Amen father!

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