Friday, September 29, 2006

Chilean Pride

Over the past few months, I usually answer the question "where are you from?" by answering "Texas." Then once I read the confused look on some faces, I added "From the United States, one of the states near Mexico" and things tend to be clear.

I guess I take a lot of pride of where I come from . . . The Lone Star State. Ain't no place like TEXAS. I can honestly say that Texans are some of the most prideful people I have met. Over the years, I came up with the conclusion that no group of people could not be more proud than Texans. That was before I met Chileans, and my great theory was thrown out of the window.

Here are two examples of what I mean.

First, during the World Cup a little Chilean boy carried the game ball to the referees. The whole country went insane, not because Chile won a game (which could not have happened since the country did not make the cut) but because little "Matias" presented the game ball. Not one Chilean knew the final score of the game - or who was playing for that matter - but knew that a Chilean presented the game ball.

Secondly, I have just recently become a huge fanatic of Lost. Chile has just started showing the show dubbed in Spanish and it is a hit. Not becuase people think that the show is interesting, cool or keeps its viewers on the seat of their seats asking "What the heck it happening?" but because Hurley is Chilean.

If that isnt enough to tell you how proud this country is. I believe that this Cristal commerical (click on PUBLICIDAD and then on SPOT TV to see it) says it all. The commerical is in Spanish, but I think yall will get the idea.

After being down here for a few months, I will say that I love Chile. Mainly because the Chilean Flag reminds of me of the Texan Flag.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Some months ago, I had a realization that my last years of college would be the only time I would be able to do some things and get away with them. Eating pizza all the time. Playing poker on Thursday nights with the guys. Growing my hair out.

So when I started to grow my hair out, people were okay with it for a while. A few weeks into it, my hair looked liked a huge fuzz ball, and the jokes came forth. The peer pressure to cut it was unbelievable. However, people kept on harassing me, so I took the high road and made up a lie, "I canĀ“t cut my hair, I am growing it out for Locks of Love."

After I started telling people about my great idea - that small voice in the back of my head that I don't listen to much kicked in - I realized that I couldn't just say that. So I actually began doing it. I was doing all well, until May 2005 when I cut 6 inches of my hair (not for graduation but for the three weddings that I had in a two week span). Thus I started again, and started growing it out again. A year and three months later, I had my long hair again.

Yesterday I realized 2 things:
1. I have more than 10 inches of hair, and
2. summer is going to be hot.

So I cut my hair completely off. The moment of truth, here is what I look like now.

Now everyone say a prayers and lets pray that my package of hair arrives to the organization, and not in the trashcan of some customs official.

Special thanks to all who supported my...mainly my cousins Adrian and Matthew.

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